3. Music [myoo-zik]


 The Drab Colors of the Chameleon (2015)

drab voiceless

The Drab Colors of the Chameleon “isolated score” (2015)
Originally composed as the soundtrack for a spoken word album, presented here with the words unspoken. Listen/Download


Blood Insurance (2014)


Blood Insurance – “symptoms” (2014)
An Improvisational collaboration. Forrest and I. Listen/Download


 The Gas Heart (2013)

Surrealist gesture – The Gas Heart (2013)
The Gas Heart is a three-act hoax; it will satisfy only industrialized imbeciles who believe in the existence of men of genius. Interpreters are requested to give this work the attention due a masterpiece such as Macbeth, but to treat the author – who is not a genius – with no respect AT ALL.
(Note: This work offers no technical innovation whatsoever.)


Vicious as Coitus (2006)

vicious as coitus cover

Surrealist gesture – Vicious as Coitus (2006)


Enharmonic Intervals (1996 – 2008)

Enharmonic Intervals - cover

I Stand Alone – Enharmonic Intervals (1996 – 2008)
“Enharmonic Intervals”, released under the alias “I Stand Alone”, is a catalog of past auditory transgressions – some cuts date back as far as 1996. Not mastered, poorly mixed and potent as hell. The folly of youth and the awkward transition towards (im)maturity. This is a split EP, containing the 2006 release “Vicious as Coitus” and a collection of older, unreleased tracks compiled from a decade’s worth of sounds.Listen/Download