Short scripts

Sometimes silly, sometime scary, sometimes sad short scripts:

Future Spoils
-Comedy (3 pages)
-One Location
-One main character (male) one supporting character
-A scientist receives a grave warning from his future self.



-Horror/Satire (6 pages)
-One location
-One Main character Male or Female, large supporting/extras cast
-Makeup and practical “horror” special effects necessary
-A zombie story without zombies



-Drama/Thriller (17 pages)
-One location, with a few very short second unit shots which could be faked anywhere
-Two main roles, both male, two minor (minor roles could be cut to one)
An American journalist sits in a foreign prison, with a grisly ultimatum hanging over his head. A political and ideological discussion leads to violence.


Fade In/Fade Out

-Drama (14 pages)
-One location
-Two main roles, one female, one male
Two strangers meet on a downtown rooftop at dusk and have a conversation which reveals great change forthcoming in both of their lives.

The Weary Traveler

-Satire/Comedy (8 pages)
-One location
-Two main roles male or female
– A knight of the holy roman empire comes face to face with God, asks some pressing questions, and gets some unexpected answers.



-Drama/Horror (3 pages)
-One location
-One main role (female), one minor role (child)
A devastated single mother cannot cope with the death of her only child.

Nowhere USA

-Drama/Horror (5 pages)
-Three locations
-One main role (young boy), two ancillary, bit roles, one male, one female
An unwanted child wanders off and finds the world just as cold and uncaring as his home.

The Road Home

-Drama/Horror (5 pages)
– Three locations
– One main role (adult man), two ancillary bit parts
– A man struggles with his demons as he makes his way home for the night.